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GlobalBake Features

GlobalBake is a single, integrated software product that can be configured and priced with some or all of the following modules. All information from the system is stored in a single database.

Customer Management:

Customer database including ordering data, pricing policies and marketing campaign information.

Sales Management:

Order entry, invoicing and accounts receivable.

Sales History & Forecasting:

Sales history and analysis, stales analysis, short and long term sales forecasting, profitability analysis and marketing history.

Sales Commissions:

Sales by route, location, salesperson and product line; profit by route, location, salesperson and product line (based on either invoices or receipts).

Inventory Management:

Inventory control, receiving / inventory updates, inventory transfers and transfer history, assets, finished goods, ingredients, add-ons, supplies and products


Purchase orders (independent or based on order demand), history, analysis by vendor, product and receiver creation.

Product definition:

Recipes (formulas), product add-ons and product costing.


Production management and scheduling.

System Administration

Integrated and automated update facility for software. Integrated backup facilities.

Use GlobalBake software to introduce greater simplicity into your business and enjoy the improved efficiency and enhanced profitability that results. Contact us now so we can help you succeed in your business.



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